Jon Venables and Robert Thompson (now both aged 18) killed James Bulger (who was 2) in February 1993

Yesterday (08.01.01) they were granted a secret identity

Should they have been granted the right to anonymity? That is not for me to decide, greater minds than mine have discussed the matter. But what now for the boys? should I say men?

I don’t know, and don’t want to know, what went through their minds. I remember the case, but didn’t follow it, confused about the motives and actions of two young boys.

Now they have aged, what goes through their minds? I would imagine, as it is all I can do, that their sentence will be served in a much harsher reality. They will have to live with themselves, recreating the moment in their minds over and over. A horrible reality.

Should they have the right to walk free? Start new lifes? The killed, surely the punishment should fit the crime – a call I am often heard to cry.

They have received their punishment, was it enough? Well would you sentence two young boys to serve the rest of their life in jail. With a strong possibility that the boys were not fully aware of the outcome of their actions, what can you do?

The hurt, pain and anguish suffered by the parents and family of James Bulger is unmeasurable, and their anger and hatred expected and understandable. Do I condone it? No. Do I agree with it? Yes. Would I react the same way? Probably.

Anonymity has been assured by the courts. However two faces will look in the mirror and know the truth. They will understand what they did. I hope they feel sorry, and lucky, and remorseful. I hope they look in that mirror and cry. I think that is a suitable punishment.