I don’t pay much attention to Spam, if they make it to my mailbox (which they do at work as they won’t let me use MailWasher.. pah!) I usually just Shift+Delete the buggers. But then I installed Office 2003, and Outlook has a new message notification thingy – it’s quite smart actually – which pops…Continue reading Spam

Four Deadly Words

“Make mine a Guinness” (x9) Ma heid’s loupin the day. Fair blootert so I wiz. Hope I dinnae boak. For the foreigners in our midst I suggest the Scottish Vernacular Dictionary may help decipher. And for those wanting to explore the uniqueness of the Glasgow parlance, may I recommend Wir Ain Leid – Glasgow Scots…Continue reading Four Deadly Words


So I thought I’d take a quick skim through the other ‘almost’ winners of THAT competition (which I really don’t wanna say any more about as I fear I’ve already upset Gert – still luv ya sweetie!). (“sweetie”? WTF?) I happen across the runner-up: apparently nothing at all, and see there is a Powershot S30…Continue reading Shame

Expensive t-shirt

I’m a bit of a saddo when it comes to things like this but I’ve been hankering over a ‘Blogger’ t-shirt for ages. I finally remembered this and thought I’d order one. $9, plus shipping (which isn’t stated on the site for overseas customers). I got home to an email confirming that it would be…Continue reading Expensive t-shirt


(Can they come true? Is Gabrielle right?)Meant to mention this earlier – what significance does a plane crash have in a dream? Not a huge “flameball hurtling into the ground” style crash, just a “can’t get off the ground very far bump back down to earth” style crash… very odd. If I remember rightly, we…Continue reading Dreams

Google (NOT Blogger)Google Search: Velma was the only smart one in the whole group. She could’ve gotten so much more accomplished if they didn’t always send her off with that damn pothead and his dog. Seriously.. WTF???

I’m safeWhilst I remember, for anyone who is worried about the amount of time I spend in front of the computer (yes Mum I mean you), and in particular the recent news about possibly developing DVT whilst sitting at my computer, fear not. My name is Gordon, and I am a fidget. Ain’t no way…Continue reading