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Been in here since 7.45am. Busy busy busy.


No archives at present as I can’t get the archive list to display on this page, I’ve checked the WP code and it’s correct. Permalinks are working, and if you know the URL to the archive page you can use that, it just won’t display the links on here. Odd. Will sort later (tonight).


Strawberry Switchblade, as acquired from Vaughan, was left on repeat last night. iTunes tells me it played 347 times. My audioscrobbler account is gonna look great the next time it updates!


HaloScan users – I’m trying to update the FAQ and general documentation that is supplied, what questions do you want answered?


I have three posts in draft at the moment, one about being fat, one about whisky, one about my tendency to put things off. Which should I finish first?

WordPress users

Just a wee note to say if you are using any version ABOVE (NOT including) 1.2, then I’d have a look at this and this. The latter is probably a better explanation. Ohh and not trying to be cryptic just don’t want to alert the unwanted to this (you’ll understand what I’m wittering on about if you read those links). There is more ‘discussion’ in the WP forums if you dig for it, although it’s getting a bit messy already.

Hat tip: wee David for bringing it to my, and now your, attention.