And then… nothing

All quiet on the house front unfortunately. But I have been able to crack on with some website work and as always it’s great when the client is accomodating, helpful and all round just a nice guy. Say hi to (then go buy one of his books!). I’m also adding some functionality for a…Continue reading And then… nothing


Friday evening. Beer, pizza and the opening game of the World Cup. Saturday morning, a quick trip into Hamilton in the morning then off to Ashton Lane in the afternoon. Of the two beer gardens we chose the wrong one, completely and utterly chock-a-block. Still, it’s nice to have a cold beer (Budvar) or five…Continue reading Weekender

World Cup Rules

Finally, it’s here! Now, before I start, I’ll point anyone not interested in this to head over to ScaryDuck’s place. The World Cup kicks off today and with that in mind I thought it would be good to make sure we are all aligned and in agreement with some basic rules during this busy period.…Continue reading World Cup Rules

Not here

In a pattern that may well be repeated in the following few days, I’m not here. I’m outside. In the sun. Frying to a crisp… where DID we put those bottles of sun cream from last year? And why oh why oh why can I never ever ever mention sun cream without thinking about Sunscreem?…Continue reading Not here

Into the groove

Louise is home and annoyingly tanned, but I can put up with that. Her plane finally touched down in the wee small hours of this morning after a three hour delay and as it was a further hour or so before we got to sleep I decided to work at home today. Still, it’s good…Continue reading Into the groove

That World Cup question

Our First Minister caused a bit of a stooshy recently by stating that he wouldn’t be supporting England in the World Cup. But why should he? He’s not English after all.. As for me, well it’s a tricky one, that’s for sure. Ach, who am I kidding, it’s very straightforward. ‘Mon the Soca Warriors!! Actually…Continue reading That World Cup question


It’s all gone a bit ‘yeuch’ hasn’t it. What happened to the summer, was that it?! Probably. In saying that, I don’t mind this kind of weather so much. It’s not raining hard enough to soak you, more a steady constant dripping, and as it’s warm enough to not need a jumper it was actually…Continue reading Dreich


Friday evening. A few beers with my mates, and a great night that was only spoiled by a pint of “flowery” beer (Deuchars I believe). Celeb spotted Donnie Munro in Babbity Bowsters (where I’ll be this coming weekend for the Glasgow blogmeet – 2pm people!), had mince and lorne sausage stovies in Cafe Source –…Continue reading Weekender