Best Post

For a while now I’ve been meaning to update the About page of this blog. Ideally I’d like to put a short list of the ‘best’ posts from this blog. Trouble is, whilst I’m quite happy to choose the list myself, it’s sort of tricky to find them, I mean seriously, there is a LOT…Continue reading Best Post


What is it about these things, these events in life that all seem to collide. Days go by with only the merest ripple distorting the norm then … BLAMMO! … For example, take tomorrow. I need to be in the office to deliver a presentation as part of our induction and the kitchen fitters are…Continue reading Fate?

No searching…

I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to add a better (Google) search to this site. Alas because I have a hand-coded WordPress theme, and I last looked at it about a year ago, I’ve managed to bork the search results location. So, for now, the search isn’t working. Nuts. Thanks to Tom, it’s all working now, and…Continue reading No searching…

Planning ahead

In my hangover fug I’ve been thinking about stuff wot needs to get done. One of those things is to sort out my WordPress install as the recent upgrade has left it littered with errors. It seems to be working OK but… well.. it’s annoying. Other than that, with the bulk of last week concentrated…Continue reading Planning ahead

WordPress 2.3

Upgrade complete – sidebar borked. Apparently the introduction of the new tagging doo dah means a table is now no longer valid, the table that quite a few plugins were using, one of which was powering my miniblog posts. Hence why they’ve all, suddenly, appeared here. So, until I get some free time to get…Continue reading WordPress 2.3