Whilst I remember

Us: We did manage to catch the lunar eclipse over the weekend as we stumbled from a friend’s flat at 1:15 a.m. Louise: Saying, whilst talking about upcoming parties, that she would be fine with “just some nuts and a chipolata”. Much hilarity. Me: “Woo Hoo” (need sound). Upon receiving a belated birthday present of…Continue reading Whilst I remember

MediaTop (unplanned) night out last night. Ended up at a club called Media in Glasgow. 70s and 80s music for 4 hours!! Woo Hoo!!! Unfortunately didn’t get home until 3 a.m. so this morning’s induction at the gym in 25 minutes should be fun…

Comment me!

Site news MetaLinker has gone. Didn’t think it was adding much to the site. [Fanfare] I now have comments! Woo Hoo!!!! [cue realisation that it may show just how few people visit this site!!]


Mayor of London. A good site, very informative, kept up-to-date, easy to navigate and quite modern feeling for a government site. Question: Why advertise it on a billboard near Parkhead in Glasgow? Just curious… In other news CSS2 compliance achieved!! Woo Hoo!! One page XHTML compliant – the rest getting screwed by non UTF8 characters…Continue reading Compliance


Company annual kickoff meeting today. Morning of presentations then an afternoon of paintballing. Woo Hoo!

Blood red

One of the joys in moving home is the decorating. Getting rooms just the way you want them. However when one of the paint colours is a deep dark red (blood red), and you get some on your fingers, you’d think you’d learn to stop jumping after the 20th time of it appearing in your…Continue reading Blood red