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Just because, OK?

A Guide to flirting. Cos we all need a little more ‘spice’ in our life.

Technically clever, morally questionable? The US plan to strike enemy with Valium.

Site-popping or click-diving is, apparently “more fun than a crocodile in a rabbit hatch and … much less gruesome”. All this from the most site-poppingest, click-divingly useful blogtoday.

BlogWhore hostesses jadedju, another nice find via Wanderlust.


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OK, I’m going to try and do this without naming names…

The British troops in Afghanistan have been struck down by a mystery illness recently, with an investigation finding that the illness was just a “winter vomiting” bug.

I’ve heard different.

The source may have been an Al Qaeda terrorist who had been captured. The ‘mystery illness’ may have been caught when the British or US government used biological warfare to make it easier to find and capture members of Al Qaeda. Can anyone help verify this? I should stress I only have word of mouth from a friend of a friend. All very speculative, but I’ve not been able to find anything else on this… yet…

US of A-pathy?

The US: A Safe Haven for Torturers.

Part of Amnesty International’s Torture Campaign. The main thought that is rushing round my head is “why does America never seem to act on these things?” Is it an arrogance thing? A lack of compassion? Too busy ‘policing’ the rest of the world (read as: imposing American ideals on foreign cultures – but then why can’t the rest of the world just be like America for goodness sake…).


Kyoto treaty – thankfully agreed. But why does the US hold out? And is this a true reflection of what Americans actually want?


e4 – new Friends and ER, Sopranos and Ally McBeal (the best of US tv?). However visiting the site spawns a new window (IE4 or higher only supported) and prompts you to download Flash 5… well s’pos I’d better at some point… Do I want to restart the computer for the changes to take effect? !!!

Maybe I’m being over critical, but is this not a tad… invasive.. a quick browse on the web before bed turns into a PC restarting nightmare…

Ohh meant to say – spot the difference?

US of Corruption

Ahhh ANOTHER quiet weekend – really must start doing SomeTHiNG else than go visit parents, and potter about round the house. Mind you I did get some work done.

Missed the OJ Simpson documentary during the week, heard it was a real eye opener (the man was innocent apparently). Although as it focussed round the concept that the American authority had set him up, and were trying to cover things up.. well no suprise really. America – the land of hopes, dreams and corrupt authorities (children with guns, etc etc). Every time I think – you know I’d really like to visit the U.S. of A. I hear about SomeTHiNG like this and think… NAHHH.