Business Idea

I see a lot of things online that I would like to purchase. Unfortunately a lot of them (increasingly so) are in the US, and I’ll be honest and say that I’m not going to pay almost the same again for the postage of an item. So here’s the idea – club together with other…Continue reading Business Idea

Test bed

With the latest Google tool – Google Maps – now live, I’m left pondering the approach taken by most of the large American software companies. Why do they always start with the US of A? Whilst they may have to suffer calls of anti-patriotism would it not make more sense, particularly for the aforementioned Google…Continue reading Test bed

Viewpoint Required

US apoplexy over Jackson flash. Yes, THAT Superbowl story which seems to have kicked off an almighty fuss in the US of A. Or has it? I’d appreciate any American viewpoints on this but it does seem that the majority of people (the general public) aren’t too outraged, where the minority of people (those in…Continue reading Viewpoint Required

A few things

1. Just finished reading Eats, Shoots & Leaves. It’s smart, funny and reminds me that I really should pay more attention to my grammar on this ‘ere site. 2. I have received an email from Ron. He left some comments on yesterday’s post (Ikeaphobia) and has clarified a few things. Thanks for that Ron, I…Continue reading A few things

iPOD design

Father of invention: “The iPod is like a cigarette pack for those addicted to music instead of tobacco.” Very apt. Of course, if you want to grab one at the last minute you are probably out of luck. John Lewis reported yesterday that they have sold out of them. Understandable as approximately 1.79 iPods were…Continue reading iPOD design

Giss a job

Your New Core Strategy: Employee Retention: “one day in the not-too-distant future the job market will swing back toward the job seeker’s advantage. And when it does, the effect on some organizations—particularly those that let employee satisfaction and retention strategies take a back seat to seemingly more pressing issues of corporate survival—could be severe” Interesting…Continue reading Giss a job

In da hood

Having ordered a few items of clothing from the US of A, and being amazed to find that the clothes were too SMALL… I wasn’t holding out much hope for the arrival of my Blogger hoodie. However it arrived and it fits! Cue ‘Gangsta G’, hood up, chillin out, yo bad wicked style on the…Continue reading In da hood


Black artists take over US top 10. Expected? I guess so, but does it really hold any significance? SHOULD it hold any significance? I enjoy Hip-Hop, RnB (old and new), Rap, Soul (old and new), all of which are classed as ‘black music’ and I understand why it holds the categorisation. But that doesn’t mean…Continue reading Meaningful?

Worse to worser(er)

The President of the US of A once again shows he is open-minded and forward thinking: “‘I believe a marriage is between a man and a woman, and I think we ought to codify that one way or the other,’ he told reporters in Washington.” Isn’t it about time for an assassination attempt? I mean…Continue reading Worse to worser(er)