I’ve had insomnia on and off for years but in the last year or so it’s started to occur more frequently. I’m starting to figure it out though and it’s definitely work related. It seems that, during periods of high stress, my insomnia kicks in. Beyond that I’m a bit hazy about why I wake…Continue reading Insomnia

On not blogging

A product release is imminent. A trip to visit two customers in the US of A. Ongoing complications with the new ISTC website (soon, soon!). Planning for 2012, including a major restructure of our content. Actual writing some documentation (a rare occurrence!). Plus all the usual things that life is wont to throw at us. Maybe…Continue reading On not blogging

Getting around

Boston in the fall. Lovely, even though I only had a few hours to wander the streets and take the duck tour. Gorgeous place, friendly people, definitely one to revisit.  I was a little bit spoiled by the fact it was around 21C in glorious sunshine but, nevertheless, Boston has a charm that is almost…Continue reading Getting around

apple uk tv shows

Fire up your iTunes Store, Apple have started selling episodes of TV shows. All your favourite stuff from US TV that you’ve… umm.. already downloaded and watched because why SHOULD we wait until it airs on UK TV?! Idiots. This does not stop piracy. When WILL they learn.

Live TV

Lyle links to an article that states: Most TV viewing in households with personal video recorders such as Sky+ is still live and “traditional scheduled TV will be around for a long time yet”, according to new research. We’ve had Sky+ for over a year now, and having finally switched my viewing habits to incorporate…Continue reading Live TV

Ho ho … meh

This week has flown in (…what an odd phrase that is. From where, pray tell, has the week arrived and couldn’t it have walked or cycled or something?), I can barely believe that it’s Thursday today and tomorrow heralds the auspicious event that is our company night out. The US-based staff have been flown in,…Continue reading Ho ho … meh

Out with the old

Apparently, this site is one of 14.4 million other similar sites. Presumably, and I’m certain someone far smart than me will be able to formulate this better, of those 14.4 million, only a portion of them can be directly compared to this site. Of that portion, there will be other factors that will set my…Continue reading Out with the old


Art, fashion, design. They are all subjective. But where do we get our sense of style, our own personal tastes? Are they developed over time, moulded by society and our exposure to culture, or is it a genetic inheritance? A bit of both? Is my love of minimalist – think Scandinavian (no NOT IKEA) and…Continue reading Tasty