apple uk tv shows

Fire up your iTunes Store, Apple have started selling episodes of TV shows. All your favourite stuff from US TV that you’ve… umm.. already downloaded and watched because why SHOULD we wait until it airs on UK TV?! Idiots. This does not stop piracy. When WILL they learn.

Musings on X-Pubs

Next week I’m heading down to Reading to attend the X-Pubs conference, where I’m hoping to learn more about both how a solid XML publishing solution is implemented and, ultimately, why I need to bother. OK, I know why I need to bother so I guess I should re-phrase that to “how I justify all…Continue reading Musings on X-Pubs


There was a fairly massive “UK blog event” last week, which culminated in the publishing of a book called Shaggy Blog Stories (you HAVE ordered your copy, haven’t you?). It was a remarkable undertaking and everyone involved should be, and has been, rightly applauded. Plaudits well earned if you ask me. Of course, as with…Continue reading Conceited

I is not racist

Deary me. Such a silly little TV programme causing such a stir. Let me just mount my “I haven’t been watching it this time” high horse, and we can get started. Firstly I’ll state that I’m not interested in who said what, as my firm belief is that any kind of racist statement is a…Continue reading I is not racist

I wonder…

Does anyone come here expecting witty insights? Does anyone visit and cross their fingers that they will be dazzled by the lucidity and quality of my writing? Or do you lot just come here from habit? Ach, I’m just glad you visit at all. However, and this is in no way stealing an idea (perish…Continue reading I wonder…

Bloody Google

Things wot I have learnt in the past few days. Man-size tissues should be mandatory. The piffly wee Kleenex ones, whilst they come in a nice box, are next to useless against the mucus factory in my head. One blow into a regular Kleenex tissue and I end up with … well I’m sure you…Continue reading Bloody Google

Dumbing Down

I have no idea which part of my brain starts these thoughts but sometimes I wish it would stop. The following is the result of a lot of hypothetical reasoning and is probably completely tosh. But if I don’t write this down I’ll go mental. Recently there has been a recurring thought rattling about in…Continue reading Dumbing Down