Conference Connections

I’m still tweaking my presentation for the Technical Communications UK conference, Thursday morning is looming larger and larger in my view so I’m distracting myself with considering the other good things that happen at conferences. For me people are the primary reason for attending a conference. Don’t get me wrong, the value can be measured…Continue reading Conference Connections

One Minute

My current role is changing a bit, with some additional responsibilities being added, specifically around line management. As such, I’ve been reading The One Minute Manager and have to admit it’s given me a lot to think about. The basic principles are to instill any team members or staff with a simple structure in which…Continue reading One Minute

Technical Communication UK Conference

Technical Communication UK 22nd-24th September 2009 Technical Communication UK is the new annual conference that aims to meet the needs of technical communicators, their managers and clients, from every corner of the industry. The conference is hosted by the ISTC, and run in partnership with X-pubs. Technical Communication UK runs on 23rd and 24th…Continue reading Technical Communication UK Conference

Spring forward

A small reminder to everyone in the UK to remember to put your clocks forward by one hour tonight. Officially you should do this at 1am but making sure your alarm clock is done before you go to sleep is probably all you need worry about until tomorrow. It’s yet another sign, alongside the buds…Continue reading Spring forward

Cherryleaf Survey

Cherryleaf will soon be publishing the results of their recent survey of Documentation Managers* and, having skimmed through a preview, the main thing that leaps out at me is that the field of Technical Communications in the UK remains as diverse as ever in many respects, yet completely the same in others, and none of…Continue reading Cherryleaf Survey


Join Pipeline – I’ve been following this idea for a while now, they are trying to setup a discount card for fuel in the UK. They need more subscribers to get the ball rolling, so if you have a car, you should head over and sign up.