United 93

Movie info from IMDB Movie reviews from Metacritic Having cancelled our UGC/Cineworld monthly passes towards the end of last year, we’ve kind of fallen away from watching movies at all. However we are now getting to the point that the movies coming on TV (via Sky Movies) are ones that we missed at the cinema,…Continue reading United 93


New Year has long since passed but it’s only now that I’m going to start focussing on the year ahead. With being away in Spain earlier in the month, and our nephew turning 18 – celebratory dinner/pissup this weekend – we’ve not really been looking any further than the end of this month. So what…Continue reading February


We’ve not been to the cinema in ages, and are planning on going tonight. Thing is the nearest UGC to us only offers a limited selection of movies so we usually end up not bothering at all rather than go to the huge one in Glasgow which is still showing some movies from a couple…Continue reading Reeling

Oily rags

Done a little tidying up and updating behind the scenes. Add a little to the About page, the film reviews are now up-to-date (and I’ve discovered that paying £10 a month to UGC is actually costing me money so far as I’ve not seen the 24 or so movies I need to, only 6 short…Continue reading Oily rags


This evening I would like to book four tickets for the Matrix: Revolutions. The four people who will be going all have UGC Unlimited tickets, these are the cards that give you access to movies throughout the year for just £9.99 a month. Excellent value if you are a frequent movie goer (or want to…Continue reading RANT!


Phone Booth tonight.X-Men 2 on Thursday.And hopefully we can still catch the Pianist as it’s still showing at the UGC in Glasgow… also fancy The 25th Hour (Edward Norton and Spike Lee, so you know it won’t be awful). Yes we’ve got a lot of catching up to do film-wise and the UGC pass will…Continue reading Films

RecommendationI’m a big fan of ‘word of mouth’ about a film. This will prove crucial this year as we have monthly passes to UGC, and, whilst I won’t mind going to see some of the Hollywood dross (like the Bond film), I am hoping that I WILL save money based on the films I would’ve…Continue reading

Die Another DayFinally got around to seeing this last night (first film on our monthly film ticket at UGC Cinemas). Initial reaction was pretty good, but I know a lot people who didn’t like it, saying that it strayed too far from the ‘Bond ethos’ (yes someone actually said that to me). However I think…Continue reading

Some dates for your diary

February 14th 2003: Daredevil May 2nd 2003: X2 May 15th 2003: Matrix: Reloaded July 2nd 2003: The Hulk July 2nd 2003: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. And for UK readers with a UGC cinema nearby, get their £9.99 a month, unlimited viewing ticket now!