Boxing Day. Named because of… er… the empty boxes of … stuff.. or something. I dunno. I’ve eaten too much, drank… enough, and now that we are back home I’m nicely chilled out and ready for a curry and a movie. I’ve even put my new slippers on. Christmas Day was a good one, good…Continue reading Punchy

I was a good boy

Blimey, the days just flash past at this time of year, don’t they. So, a quick recap before I head off to… er… lie on the couch or something… Christmas Eve was fairly relaxed. We finished packing bags, double-checked we had all the gifts we should, and settled down to watch the Muppets Christmas Carol.…Continue reading I was a good boy

Weekend InspirationSaturday we ventured through to see the families and drop off an HTML book to my nephew (15yrs old and I just KNOW he’ll be coding like a pro in about.. ohh 2 weeks?). Ended up staying at my parents for dinner, having a few Guinness and a game of Trivial Pursuit. Now I’m…Continue reading