Movie info from IMDB Movie reviews from Metacritic I’m part of an agency… called the IMF. What’s that stand for? Impossible Mission Force. [chuckles] Yeah right. So let’s get this straight. Tom Cruise, big budget action movie, and the guy behind Lost and Alias directing it? Can’t lose right? Right. And it doesn’t. Yes Philip…Continue reading M:I III

War of the Worlds

Movie info from IMDB Movie reviews from Metacritic SPIELBERG, CRUISE, EPIC MOVIE, INCLUDING MORGAN FREEMAN NARRATING (doesn’t get much more epic than that these days… whatever happened to James Earl Jones?). Yes, the self-proclaimed “blockbuster of the year” has finally been viewed and it was bloody good. Well it could have been utterly amazing, but…Continue reading War of the Worlds

Sated Blueprints

Whilst I realise I’m not hugely representative of “mice and men”, I’m currently struggling to plan and control several different projects both at home and at work. Now, I’ve yet to finish reading Getting Things Done, and I have been trying to implement some of the ideas, but I’ve not had time (and for those…Continue reading Sated Blueprints


Cold, wet, grey, miserable. The perfect day to stay at home and catch up on some watching.. Series 4 of Sopranos anyone? In reward for yesterday’s cleaning/tidying efforts I was allowed out to the cinema… kidding. I was dragged out to see the latest blockbuster by Mr.Cruise (Mrs. McLean is a life-long fan, all the…Continue reading Dreich

Minority Report

Movie info from IMDB I’ve let it settle in my head for a couple of days but it made no difference. I really enjoyed this and Tom Cruise was really good! Plot flaws? Of course. Cloy moments? Of course (it is Speilberg after all). Annoying details about how things will be in the future? Of…Continue reading Minority Report

Coming Attraction

5 July 2002 Minority Report.Tom Cruise, Steven Speilberg, story based on a Philip K Dick short story. I think we can chalk this up as a ‘must-see’ (although if it has Tom Cruise in it I don’t usually get the choice, but I will admit he has been improving of late…).