Ready or not

I have made the lists. I have checked the lists. The lists do not lie. I think I finally have a grip on … dammit … just remembered something else. OK, let’s start over. The coming few weeks will be hectic. The arrival and fitting of a new kitchen requires preparation, the erecting of a…Continue reading Ready or not

Like, DUH

I visited a small branch of a well known high street shoe repairer this lunchtime — starts with a T, ends in “impson” — and have to admit that they employ people of such high calibre that the mind boggles. As I approached the door I could see a small handwritten sign stuck on the…Continue reading Like, DUH

In other news…

Anyone buy the Evening Times tonight? Glasgow edition that is, well if you turn to page 31 you may, or may not, recognise the person top right. Or you could just check this photo. Yes, my lovely wife has joined me in print, and she gets a full interview too. It’s a “worklife” feature so…Continue reading In other news…


There is nothing better than lying, slightly bedraggled and hungover, on the couch all day watching crap TV and classic movies like Clash of the Titans. I’d forgotten just how spectacularly bad the latter was, although to be fair to the actors it can’t have been easy to work with that dialogue. Fantastically awful, I…Continue reading Matchsticks

Airport Express

Finally!!! Considering the amount of hassle I’ve had trying to setup and configure my new Airport Express, I’ve jotted down some information which I hope may be of use to others. I may end up waffling my way through this so, if you want, skip straight to the summary. Firstly some notes on my setup…Continue reading Airport Express