Stealth Mode

I don’t know about you but I’m getting fed up trying to make everyone realise the value of what we do. Technical Communicators of the world unite! Why is it so darn hard? Isn’t it obvious? We live in a so-called “information age” after all, so why is it such a struggle to get the…Continue reading Stealth Mode

Influential? Me?

One of the reasons I started this blog was as a way of exploring my thoughts about our profession, from specific issues to wider themes. It’s only been going a few years, but I’ve learned a lot since then both writing here, and reading the thoughts of other bloggers in this industry. I live and…Continue reading Influential? Me?

Recently Read

I’m utterly failing in my attempt to make this a weekly feature on this site. Maybe I should cut it down a little, thoughts and comments are appreciated. Writing an Interface Style Guide Some handy tips for what to include in any user interface guidelines document: Interface style guides are extremely useful to define best…Continue reading Recently Read

Conversation V.I.P.s

Revisiting an old post over on the Cherryleaf blog, where Ellis was prompted to ask “Can technical authors be part of ‘the conversation’ in the connected Web 2.0 world that’s emerging?” (excuse the paraphrasing). As a long-term blogger, and someone who believes that there are many tools in the Web 2.0 world that can and…Continue reading Conversation V.I.P.s

Help Standard

OK, fixed the counter code. Ohh and whilst I remember, and I might post this on a discussion group somewhere, how many people who actively use web resources are Technical Communicators, e.g. people who are not design websites but information products? Just curious. I’ve also just remember that I meant to check up on the…Continue reading Help Standard