Influential? Me?

One of the reasons I started this blog was as a way of exploring my thoughts about our profession, from specific issues to wider themes. It’s only been going a few years, but I’ve learned a lot since then both writing here, and reading the thoughts of other bloggers in this industry. I live and…Continue reading Influential? Me?


I’m published baby, yea! Finally got around to writing an article for Speakeasy, and whaddya know, that nice bloke Carey published it (and only a couple of grammatical errors to correct too, which were only in there to see if he was paying attention…). Titled “R.T.F.M. – The plight of the Technical Communicator” it is…Continue reading RTFM


If you work in I.T. you will no doubt have heard the abbreviation R.T.F.M. at some point. It stands for “Read The Frickin’ Manual”. As a Technical Communicator by trade it is always disappointing to hear it uttered. Hours and hours of research, learning and knowledge accumulation are pored into most software manuals, and all…Continue reading R.T.F.M.


I’ve often considered either switching this site or launching a new one which dealt with my professional interests and opinions, a la zeldman. Trouble is I’m not sure how many people would care, and how to narrow down what I do so as not to tread into too many areas. Writing, Grammar, Evolution of language,…Continue reading Appendix