And so, it begins

Please excuse the dust, and mind your feet, I’m still tidying up. I was always told you should finish a website before launching it but, in the days of instant gratification that advice seems somewhat stilted and old-fashioned. So here it is, yes, it’s another blog. I’ve been blogging for many years now but this…Continue reading And so, it begins

Day in, day outI work in the field of Technical Communications (which is full of poppies and grazing sheep… sorry…). Essentially, whilst I am a ‘team lead/manager’, I am mainly a technical author by trade. So what is a technical author? Basically it is someone who writes manuals. But, as with every other job, there…Continue reading

Naked Dancer

They Have a Word for It (link via Caterina). Through my profession (Technical Communications) I have a passing interest in all things wordy/language-ey etc (despite my frequent bastardisations), and this kind of thing always piques my interest. It also reveals a lot about other customs and cultures, and shows the Western world up for what…Continue reading Naked Dancer


No I ain’t a professional designer (no stop, I’m not…!) and I don’t work entirely in the web domain, but I’m gonna stand up for my profession – Technical Communications. We are the people who write the documentation. We are the people who write the online help. We are the people who long to be…Continue reading Professional