Muji Manifesto

Can’t recall where I saw this but it struck a chord so I grabbed the main tenets with a view to expounding on them at a later date. However, as simplicity suggests, I really don’t need to bother. Because there is complexity in purity. Elegance in plainness. Intricacy in streamlining. Richness in reduction. Depth in…Continue reading Muji Manifesto

This is not a video

As I mentioned previously, the opening presentation at TICAD was by Adobe and featured their vision of the future of Technical Communications and information development. Apparently that future includes video. Video has been available to many for a few years now, yet it is never really the main focus of a documentation team. Tom has…Continue reading This is not a video

Do you RSS?

Over the past year or so, as I’ve started to struggle to keep up-to-date with the multitude of websites that interest me, I’ve increasingly turned to RSS feeds to help me manage the load. With that in mind, I’ve been compiling a list of Technical Communications feeds that I find interesting. Some are by Technical…Continue reading Do you RSS?


… no we didn’t win the Lottery, but if we had, I’d have a year long “see the world” holiday (and I mean real world, not “luxury hotel” world.. well ok, a few luxury hotels..), then distribute as much of the money as I could, leaving enough for Louise and I to live off without…Continue reading Briefly…

Searching for focus

I’ve hit an unexpected problem with this blog, one which I didn’t think I’d hit for quite a while, if at all. I can’t seem to find a focus. Now, considering that this blog has the breadth of topics that the umbrella of “Technical Communications” covers that really shouldn’t be possible. But that isn’t really…Continue reading Searching for focus

Skill Set

Without meaning to I seem to have taken some inspiration from this post, whilst I’m not directly offering a counterpoint, it’s worth a read. ~ Every trade or profession has a skill set, a unique set of talents that make one role different from another. For most people in the IT industry we all have…Continue reading Skill Set