Being Social

I’ve written about social media before, and given presentations on Blogging and the wider use of social media as part of our professional toolbox. But that was mostly with a view to how these new technologies could be used to provide a better service to our customers. So what does social media mean to me,…Continue reading Being Social

See you in September?

Are you in the UK? Are you attending the Technical Communication conference in September? If not, you really should, it’s looking like it will be an excellent conference. The conference website is starting to gear up as well, and has posted some short interviews with some of the speakers, including yours truly. They should give…Continue reading See you in September?

Writing techniques

How do you get started? Faced with that pristine new document, all that whitespace, what do you generally do to start writing that document? Like most companies, we have a number of people who create content in a number of different styles and formats. The main producers are, of course, the technical writing team, but…Continue reading Writing techniques

About blogging

If you were attending a conference, and specifically attending one of the sessions that was going to be covering “blogging”, what questions would you want answered? No, I’m not being completely lazy, I already have a good outline of what I want to cover (why, what and how) but it’s always good to get some…Continue reading About blogging

Technical Communication UK Conference

Technical Communication UK 22nd-24th September 2009 Technical Communication UK is the new annual conference that aims to meet the needs of technical communicators, their managers and clients, from every corner of the industry. The conference is hosted by the ISTC, and run in partnership with X-pubs. Technical Communication UK runs on 23rd and 24th…Continue reading Technical Communication UK Conference

Move over Adobe

As we are in the midst of rethinking our publishing processes, I’ve been looking at the current crop of tools, and (for our needs) three of them stand out over their competitors. Adobe, AuthorIT and MadCap seem to be heading for a battle royale, with the latter two the David to Adobe’s Goliath. But who…Continue reading Move over Adobe