I almost shrieked like a girly girl. There it was, floating a metre in front of me, within touching distance, if I just stretched out my hand I could probably feel it under my fingertips. I wondered if anyone would notice and, glancing around, I saw the same look of wonderment that I could also…Continue reading It's RIGHT THERE!


Dentist this morning, a hygienist visit only thankfully (no I don’t floss enough, I know, I know) then the car goes into the garage this afternoon to get a bump stop replaced. I think. It may be two bump stops. I’m not sure. It’s under warranty and has something to do with the suspension. After…Continue reading Dump

force on wii

Ever since the Wii’s unusual motion-sensing controllers were unveiled, gamers and Star Wars fans around the globe have been anticipating using the Wii-mote to control a lightsaber. Their wish will be fulfilled next year when the game is scheduled to release. ~ and now I need a Wii. Ohh my birthday soon as well…

Revenge of the Sith

Movie info from IMDB Movie reviews from Metacritic I’ve been very aware of this movie for a while now, and very aware of avoiding reading reviews, articles and spoilers. I figured it was a last chance for George Lucas to put things right. He almost does. The obvious stuff first then, and I’ll begin with…Continue reading Revenge of the Sith

Sith is good?

Apparently the new Star Wars movie (out in 14 days and counting) is a bloodbath. The movie has been given a PG-13 rating due to its “sci-fi violence and some intense images”, which warns parents that it could be inappropriate for viewers younger than 13. I say GOOD! Is it possible that Mr. Lucas may…Continue reading Sith is good?

100 Movies

As I’m all “wrote” out, I thought I’d tackle this meme I’ve seen in several places over the last couple of weeks. Lazy blogging of the nth degree but infinitely less time consuming than writing a post although, as ever, I find myself procrastinating about how quick and dirty these things are only to spend…Continue reading 100 Movies

Top Trumps

Wandering round a local store I spotted them, hanging neatly on the rack. Instant flash back… ~~ wibbly ~ wobbly ~ wibbly ~ wobbly ~ wibbly ~ wobbly ~~ … memorising which performance car had the fastest acceleration, which plane carried the most passengers, which warship was the longest and a whole myriad of since…Continue reading Top Trumps


The miniblog is taking a bit of a hit today as I can’t be bothered thinking about things long enough to post about them. Blue-jacking is fun, especially in an office. Although I’m a bit disappointed at the lack of devices I can ‘jack’. I need to get my passport photo taken or I won’t…Continue reading Notes