Three and a half

I was very generously given a bottle of Southern Comfort last night. It was from Susan, as thanks for video-ing her wedding, and as it’s my favourite tipple it is very much appreciated. Mind you, I now have three and a half bottles of Southern Comfort. One here on my desk at work, and three…Continue reading Three and a half

Behind you

Eek. Haven’t done this. Or that. Said I do that but didn’t. Want to do that but haven’t. I’m blaming the weather. No! The changing of the clocks. I’ll blame that. Things just haven’t been the same since I switched my bedside alarm clock for that damn cuckoo clock… I’m struggling here, can’t you tell?…Continue reading Behind you

Hazy Memories

Blackfriars, Cafe Mao (for food, again!), Del Monica’s to catch up with everyone else even though they weren’t there, Polo Lounge then Arte. A few Guinness (one for Peter), some Miller, Carlsberg, Southern Comfort… ooyyyyy. At least there were no champagne cocktails this time. Ohh and of course I pulled, in the Polo Lounge. He…Continue reading Hazy Memories


Tales from the booze cupboard A friend is having a BBQ soon, we’ve got lots of booze left over from Xmas. We did say we would make up a punch. But which one? Hmm what else have we got… Duh de de de dee de de de, duh de de de dee de de de…Continue reading Hic