The World Cup

There was a large sporting event happening in South Africa, you may have heard about it. I’ve been really good and, despite watching almost every game, I’ve not really mentioned it here and I’ve tried not to be too boring about it on Twitter (I feel sorry for my followers at times, I really do).…Continue reading The World Cup

Coming Down

Dunno about you, but our Friday night was spent avoiding Children in Need. It’s just awful. But then I feel the same way about can-shakers on street corners… same thing, different exposure. Saturday and, after a quick stop off at Costco, we headed through to Dumbarton to help prepare the rest of the buffet for…Continue reading Coming Down

Searching for wordsAt lunchtime today I will be going shopping. I will be buying a ‘joke’ gift. I should stress that I am buying it for someone else. Thing is I’m worried about how to phrase my request, which do you think: Can I have a plastic poo please? Can I have a fake turd?…Continue reading