Ain't so crazy

Last night was partly about the crazy golf and the glow in the dark ten-pin bowling, partly about having a few drinks but mainly about spending some time with our friends Susan and Ian. Some observations. 1. We ain’t mad about crazy golf. The course was pirate themed and include a hole played on a…Continue reading Ain't so crazy


Being on holiday has it’s advantages. I can get up at 8.30 am, watch the penultimate episode of Huff, then ponder what to do with the rest of my day. Outside it’s murky grey and a sheen of drizzle is coating everything. So I’ll be writing up a list of “recorded” DVDs (did I mention…Continue reading TodoToday

First Choice

You’ve just received your new stereo system. You’ve unpacked it, picked off all those little styrofoam biscuits, and waded your way through the installation manual (but only because you got stuck). Red cable here, green cable there, plug here, connector there. You hit the power button and, with a quiet hum, the beast breathes. The…Continue reading First Choice

Stop thief!OK, own up. SOMEONE stole 4 hours sleep from me last night and I’m not happy about it, not happy at all! (In other words, I’m knackered AND grumpy)