Free is Free

A few weeks back Radiohead, a fairly well-known rock band from England, released their new album via the web and in a fairly radical move, allowed people to pay whatever price they wanted for the privilege. Anything from £0.00 to £100, they said (I wonder what the top amount paid was…). Since then… apart from…Continue reading Free is Free


“I mean, look at him” “Who?” “That guy, with the tan jacket” “What about him?” “Well I know I’m not the most fashionable guy, but even I wouldn’t wear THAT” “What? A tan jacket??” “No, ohh can’t you see from there? Ahhh wait a minute, wait until that woman moves the buggy… wait…” “OH MY…Continue reading Fashion


Update: Allowing people to add a comment might help, huh. Should be working now. Apologies for being a numpty. So, it’s not all working yet but, frankly, that jarring Christmas theme was beginning to annoy. Whaddya think? Ohh. You might wanna refresh the page, by the way, for there is a new coat of paint…Continue reading Refresh


This time tomorrow I’ll be in sunny Edinburgh. Well technically speaking I’ll be in a pub in the basement of a building so the chances of getting any sun are remote. Too late to change the venue now though. I’m quite looking forward to this blogmeet. The first one was exciting for different reasons, not…Continue reading Edinbruuh


Did I miss something? Is there a reason that there are only two people in the office, including myself? I came in early as I need to leave early to get that last present for Louise, but even by 8.30 am there are usually at least three or four people in the office. Did I…Continue reading Memo?

Working at homeIt’s oh so quiet, and I’m getting loads done. The main thing I enjoy about working at home is the freedom it gives you. I did a couple of hours last night so I could have a bit of a lie-in, and I’m ploughing through various bits and bobs I’ve been meaning to…Continue reading

Modern phones

I believe phones these days are quite clever, they include a microphone to amplify your voice… SO YOU DON’T NEED TO KEEP SHOUTING!!! Grrrrrrr… I’m very tempted to turn round and hang up her phone, but I won’t… maybe…