I promised myself I’d limit this kind of post to a Friday only, so please just ignore Wednesday’s post (it’s full of woe anyway…). In fact so am I, being a Wednesday child. Explains a lot, doesn’t it. Er… no. Not really. ~ Things wot I have learned to be effective #627: Don’t tag people…Continue reading Snippets


What IS the point of an alarm that keeps going for… checks clock … 17 keffing minutes!! If no-one has turned it off by now, then either the burglars have buggered off, or they’re still in there knowing fine well that no-one is investigating the alarm. OK, if I’m honest I’m hoping that writing and…Continue reading SHUT UP!!!

Shut up

I’m not a morning person. I thought everyone knew this? Well everyone except Little Miss Loudgob and her mates who get on at Newton and yak at high volume the whole way to Glasgow Central. OK, it’s only 20 minutes or so but… SHUT UP!! In other news – very busy. New author (re)joining us…Continue reading Shut up

Creeping habits

I’m in a very good mood today. Woke up, opened the curtains, and quickly shut them again at the subtle request of my darling wife (AARRGHHH SHUT THE FUCKING CURTAINS!!). Once she got up I opened them again and marveled at the morning sky. Not a cloud in sight, a brushing of frost across every…Continue reading Creeping habits