Running: Sat, 1 Mar 2014 18:01:52

New shoes. Wee niggle under left foot but much better. Just the slow, ailing body to sort out now! Activity: Running Distance: 4.23 km Duration: 00:30:00 Activity Link:

Nice! Cool!

I miss spam comments. Running WordPress with Askismet means I see little to no spam here which is a shame because I received some real belters in my time. I’m not talking about the large list of links to various shady corners of the internet, I’m talking about the somewhat random poetry-esque spam that would…Continue reading Nice! Cool!

I'm like a bird

But no, I’m not going to fly away… instead a quick update and a couple of questions. Current Events I considered posting more on the “Cho shootings” but really can’t be that bothered. I seem to have fallen into a “you made your bed, lie in it” frame of mind. Which isn’t really a good…Continue reading I'm like a bird


Both a rather good song by Supergrass and something in which Louise and I have a fair amount of experience. Our current abode, our third purchase (alongside five rentals) is the longest we’ve stayed in one place and yes my feet are getting itchy. There is something quite enjoyable about packing your belongings, taking the…Continue reading Moving