Being Social

I’ve written about social media before, and given presentations on Blogging and the wider use of social media as part of our professional toolbox. But that was mostly with a view to how these new technologies could be used to provide a better service to our customers. So what does social media mean to me,…Continue reading Being Social

How rude

There is one thing I haven’t done here for quite a while. It’s rather remiss of me so please accept my apologies. Quite simply, I wanted to say thank you. To you. Yes YOU. Thank you for visiting this blog, and more importantly, thank you for coming back and visiting again. A lot of the…Continue reading How rude

Twitter is useful

At the Technical Communications conference last year, I had a couple of discussions with people about Twitter. I was mostly trying to convince them of why I found it valuable, they were mostly of the opinion it was noise about what people had for lunch. I’ve recently been reminded of the value Twitter can have,…Continue reading Twitter is useful

Being offline

Things I didn’t do yesterday. 1. Check my email. 2. Check Twitter. 3. Check RSS feeds for updates. 4. Look at any websites, whatsoever. And, you know what, nothing broke, the world is still spinning. Just a wee note to you all, sitting there reading this (yes, all 6 of you), now and again trying…Continue reading Being offline

Access is good

Yesterday we launched a new version of our developer community website. It doesn’t have many ‘community’ features as yet but that’s all to come. One thing it does now have is an HTML version of all of our product documentation, in an easily searchable format. It’s no coincidence that it looks very much like the…Continue reading Access is good

All is not me

Having my iPhone not quite working properly over the past few days made me realise just how hooked into the ‘online world’ I am. I think I have a good balance though, it’s not like I spend all day staring at screens of information, cherry-picking things I’m interested in, things I might find useful in…Continue reading All is not me

Funny's Cousin*

I am hilarious. I frequently crack myself up, and the bemused looks of co-workers and general passers-by only add to the hilarity. My humour is largely sarcasm based, with a tag of “friendly banter” and I can be fairly merciless when it comes to teasing people but hey, it’s all (hilarious) good fun, right? A…Continue reading Funny's Cousin*

Day in the life

Woke up, fell out of bed, Dragged a comb across my head; If only the second line were true. My day has a routine, I doubt very much that this is an usual fact. I mean I’d imagine most people do pretty much what I do every day. Actually that’s probably not true. Most people…Continue reading Day in the life