Morning Music

Radio and I have never really gotten along. It’s mostly my fault. I don’t listen. badum tish! Actually, that’s not all that far from the truth. I don’t listen to the radio all that much, it’s just never been a part of any routine. Radio wasn’t a big part of my childhood as it never…Continue reading Morning Music

Landfill Indie

Great article about the current state of the UK music scene. Now, whilst I disagree that the Fratellis fall into this camp and feel it is a tad harsh to blame all of this on the Arctic Monkeys, the article mirrors my current thoughts, largely fuelled by listening to X-FM in the morning commute to…Continue reading Landfill Indie

Tit on the radio

Radio Scotland Arts Show So yes, I was on the radio. LAST Tuesday. I only found this out today after emailing the researcher who had neglected to tell me when it would be broadcast. So, apologies to any new visitors who have come and expected me to be talking about ‘being on the radio’. It’s…Continue reading Tit on the radio

Meant to say

I’ve got a couple things in draft that I’ve not gotten around to finishing yet, mainly because I can’t seem to complete the thoughts themselves. One centres around my surprise at the attitude of some people when they heard I was off to a gay pub last Friday night. It was shocking, eye opening and…Continue reading Meant to say