Weekend of OSSUM!

Sometimes things just work, pieces fall into place and without really realising it you discover you are happy, content and completely at peace with the world. And, coming from a grumpy bugger, that’s saying something! So it transpired that Saturday and Sunday melted into one big pot of OSSUM. A slow paced Saturday, an amazing…Continue reading Weekend of OSSUM!

Please don't lie

This post is prompted entirely by my recent interactions with Royal Mail, but the hold true for many organisations. Life, as we all know, has times when it just seems to be ganging up on you. Nothing seems to go right, nothing happens the way you expect and you are left in an uncomfortable place…Continue reading Please don't lie


You SHOULD now be at www.onemanblogs.co.uk. I’m still working on a few things, namely the redirect stuff (trying to figure out how to get it to forward to a specific post rather than the top level domain, for incoming links). Dust should settle over coming days. Right – the main redirect is in place. PLEASE…Continue reading Moving…

Calling all gays

Hmmm not the best advised post title that one… or maybe it is? First up some ground rules. 1. I’m genuinely curious about this, so anyone flinging insults or nastiness about in the comments will be deleted and banned. 2. If I cause any offense with this then PLEASE let me know (anonymously in the…Continue reading Calling all gays

Whoosh zoom

Ever get one of those days when you can’t settle your brain on one topic? It whooshes around, steadfastly refusing your requests to please PLEASE focus on the document you are trying to read, preferring to hone in on any of eight or nine different topics. I used to fear this state of mind —the…Continue reading Whoosh zoom

Referrer Spam

Well it looks like the buggers are at it again. Anyone else getting huge numbers of referrer links from the likes of: potassium-rich-foods DOT ipupdater DOT com topamax-side-effects DOT ipupdater DOT com ambien-side-effects DOT ipupdater DOT us And will someone PLEASE tell me what they are trying to achieve with this? Is someone actually paying…Continue reading Referrer Spam


I’ve seen it used several times in the past week or so. It DOESN’T make you look or sound cool, smart, or ‘better’ in any way shape or form. To what do I refer? grok – tr.v.: To understand profoundly through intuition or empathy. Please, PLEASE, stop using it. You know who you are. ~…Continue reading Miscellany

Own up

Right, which one of you was it? You! At the back! Stop twirling! Come on, I won’t be mad. I know it’s “what you do” and everything so don’t be shy, just come forward so we can have a little chat about it… Frances, I know you had fun in the Bahamas but will you…Continue reading Own up