Quick wins

At work I have a laptop running Windows 7 and every lunchtime, as I lunch away from my desk, I lock the machine. Except what I should do is pause iTunes, set my IM status to Away, and then lock it but I forget to do all that most days and just bash Windows+L. However,…Continue reading Quick wins

Windows 7 RC

Having installed the Release Candidate of Windows 7 a couple of days ago, I have to say I’m fairly impressed and it may even sway me to keep a Windows box in the future despite plans to move to Apple hardware/software completely. Let me tell you why.

Twitter apps

So Twitter is all the rage. It’s NOW! It’s happening, if you ain’t on it, you ain’t got it! It’s hip to be square!! Ahhh, except it’s not. I’ve tried a few Twitter apps over the past few months, some have worked well for me, others not, but the latest one I tried just seems…Continue reading Twitter apps

Recently Read

Text Preferences Survey What is the ideal text size to use on the web? What about line height and column (line) length? Most of the information in this area is based on print (at best) or anecdotal (at worst). A design agency in Brighton, Message, has decided to try and find out by carrying out…Continue reading Recently Read

Free Software

Just in case you’ve missed these, TechSmith are giving away free versions of their software. Admittedly they are older versions but you can upgrade them for less than the full price of the newer versions. Obviously they are hoping people will try them and like them enough to pay for the latest version: Get SnagIt…Continue reading Free Software

OSX Help

Having recently upgraded my MacBook to run the latest version of OSX, I’ve been using the built-in Help to figure out how to configure things to the way I like them. It’s an excellent example of well designed and integrated help. Of particular note is the effect shown in the screenshot below. An excellent example…Continue reading OSX Help

apple insider

Apple Insider is doing a set of posts, in the lead up to the new version of OSX (Leopard), entitled “Road to Mac OS X Leopard”. So far they’ve covered the history of the Dock and the Finder. Despite the titles, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour do not appear.