Writer River

The unstoppable Tom Johnson has cranked out a new Digg-style website aimed at collating the best blog posts and articles about technical communications, as voted for by registered users (that’s you!). It’s a great idea, and I really hope it takes off (whilst secretly hoping that at least ONE of my posts makes the front…Continue reading Writer River

Swampy 2006

Bloody hell, I WON ONE! You are now reading, OFFICIALLY, the Best Manly Blog of last year! Go me! According to Timbo: “He’s a man, which is a good start. He’s Scottish, and as we all know all Scottish people are tough and therefore manly. He knows lots of technical things about Interweb thingy stuff…Continue reading Swampy 2006

25 Tracks

No, it’s not a meme (although I think there is one). Let’s say that you could download, for free, 25 tracks of music. And, for the sake of completeness, let’s say that this opportunity was given to you by the lovely Lisa of Rullsenberg Rules and that the tracks must be available from emusic.com which…Continue reading 25 Tracks


… I will mostly be meeting met “BritBlog” Mark (he’s organising a blogmeet dahn sarf by the way). It was Be good to finally meet him having exchanged so many, and some heated, emails in the past year or so. We chatted about this and that but mainly, obviously, the plans for the merger of…Continue reading Today…


Thundering at the window. Rain slams into glass. A million impacts. A staccato beat of tiny sharp flat… Ohhh bugger that, too tired to be creative… It’s chucking it down, blowing a gale and keeping me awake. Rather than lie in bed and wonder if that new dripping noise is a drip or, um, something…Continue reading Counting


To be sung to a classic four bar blues riff – think “Bad to the Bone” from Terminator 2, each line interspersed with a DA NAH NAH NAAH NA style, chugging guitar: Woke at two thirty,The house was hot,Got up outta bed,So see what’s what, Was the heating busted?Or was it still on?Temperature readingTWENTY ONE!…Continue reading Composed

Getting there

Limping towards the finish line that will be the ‘members only’ launch of the Scottish Blogs website. Just need to get ONE DAMN FORM working, import some data and ‘stick a fork in me’ I’m done. I’ll let the current members play with it for a bit (which means I’ll be blocking it off temporarily…Continue reading Getting there

Did you know

OK, I’m cheating on this one, I’m supposed to email several people with this, but I’m too damn lazy. (One thing about my friend S who sent me this, we both like mashed potato, and I’d just bought The Cold Six Thousand a day before I got her email! Spooky coincidence) 1. LIVING ARRANGEMENT? With…Continue reading Did you know