Tomorrow, tomorrow, … yeuch I hate that damn kid! ANYWAY – I’m on holiday tomorrow, and Friday. Heading up to Inverness to try and see some dolphins. Friday I’m hoping to get some time to finish of the redesign (i.e. the WHOLE of Friday if past efforts are anything to go by…). Saturday/Sunday in Edinburgh……Continue reading Weekender

Good causes

The International Aids Conference kicks off today, and I’m forced to count my blessings. I hate being forced to do anything, but I can always make some exceptions. Now is it only me, or are there too many good causes to support? If (sorry, when) I win the lottery I will give virtually all the…Continue reading Good causes

Happy joy

Happy happy joy joy… working at home but not actually minding it as much as I thought I would. M:I2 last night, was OK. It has taken me until now to figure out what irked me about it. It felt constrained, like it was holding back. A time-bomb that never went off. Think the weekend…Continue reading Happy joy


“No, not that one…hmmm that one’s OK…” It has to be different, I have to be different – but do I want to change me? Or others perception of me? Well that’s the easiest question I’ve asked so far! Dreaming of a genie, 3 wishes, teeth that don’t need brushed, weight that stays off, hair…Continue reading Different


It’s annoying sometimes, isn’t it – the way you want to do so much, but seem incapable of doing any of it. I annoy myself constantly, and catch myself frequently promising things I can’t deliver. Regular updates to this site for one! (but hey, I never promised that…did I?) It relates back to plans and…Continue reading Annoying

Bang II

Another shooting in the U.S. The outrage, the shock, the pain. Swiftly followed by the insight, the analysis, the reason. Apathy? Is that what it is? Or an inherent numbness to the horrors? The same arguments against will be countered with the same arguments for, and in a week or so it will all be…Continue reading Bang II


The world is shrinking, so my next comments aren’t as misplaced as they seem, is that an excuse? Yet another shooting in America. Yet more calls for tighter controls, or complete bans. More arguments about free speech, and the right to bear arms (bare arms?). “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people“ How stupidly small-minded,…Continue reading Bang


“You’ll like her, she has amazing eyes” Attraction is not a static, well, not entirely, and it comes in various states: attraction to beauty attraction to personality attraction to lust attraction to like attraction to opposite and many more. Most people single out a few characteristics, for me it’s eyes. There is something bewitching about…Continue reading Attraction


“Why do you need a website?“ OK, how do you answer that? “Well everyone else has one…” “Oh, and if everyone jumped off the Erskine Bridge, you’d follow them?“ “Because it’s cool…” (which it isn’t, so don’t ever use this answer) “You think so? it just means you can’t get a real life“ And so…Continue reading Need