OK, own up, someone somewhere must’ve linked to my site on Tuesday last week – 70 visits in one day – I think that is a record for this humble little place. Whoever it was, thanks! Drop me a line so I know who you are… of course if it wasn’t a link/mention somewhere then…Continue reading Popular?

Hanging on

Stationary, moving fast. That’s my current state of mind. It seems things around me are moving fast, and I’m clinging on. Professionally this is a good thing, well a good thing as the company is moving fast. What this does mean is that everything is reactionary, I can no longer plan my work. I fully…Continue reading Hanging on

k10k – 100

K10K – 100th Issue. OK so I’m a bit late in posting this…but I’ve spent all day re-visiting the front page for all that random splash goodness! YUM!

Help Standard

OK, fixed the counter code. Ohh and whilst I remember, and I might post this on a discussion group somewhere, how many people who actively use web resources are Technical Communicators, e.g. people who are not design websites but information products? Just curious. I’ve also just remember that I meant to check up on the…Continue reading Help Standard


OK, I have a favour to ask. Can everyone who visited recently, please visit again tomorrow? Lost my counter settings, just before Zeldman linked to me. Typical, I might have gotten into double figures for the week…


The man, the iconoclast (OK maybe I should look up the real meaning in a dictionary but you get my point) tips his hat my way. It is an strange experience, seeing a mail in your inbox from ‘Jeffrey Zeldman’. Almost like someone playing a bad joke on you. I’m sure he’s a down to…Continue reading Zeldman'd


It’s official. I’m getting old. I was thinking back to Hogamanay, it was about 4:30 a.m. when the guitars came out, and I realised that I knew more words to the songs than I really should…Dumbarton’s Drums, Wild Rover (but alas not the Battle of GlenFruin…). Next up my Dad (active in the local Burns…Continue reading Historically


So – a few teething problems but everything looks OK. Phew. Excellent dinner tonight – Cricklewood Hotel – excellent! Broccoli Melts, then Chilli Chicken Cashew with Banana Split to finish, then coffee… now kinda lethargic and tired. A good way to spend the evening with family (my parents and sister). Even got time to record…Continue reading *burps*


Happy Birthday to the Big Chuffer! I hope the coming year is as good as the last one. Stirling was OK. Hungover. Still. Bummer. Mind you at least I didn’t run ‘over’ a car… tut tut tut… LOL. Holiday in a week’s time. A week of no work. In fact probably a week of not…Continue reading Throbbing


Flirting is fun. Hell, I don’t need to tell you that! But why do we do it? I’m very happily married (I love her), so why do I flirt? Initial thoughts of those who have not adopted the flirting doctrine (if it moves, flirt with it) is to try and categorise flirters by saying “You’re…Continue reading Flirt