Can you tell?

A quick stroke of the chin, a flicker of the eyes round the table, a slight linger before flicking your cards flat. Or in my case a ‘woooop’, a fist punching the air and a little victory dance. OK, maybe not. I’m still learning the basics of Poker but far more interesting to me is…Continue reading Can you tell?

News Headlines

Gosh, things are bad aren’t they. Awful. Credit Crunch apparently. No no, recession now. Or is it still a ‘downturn’? Hey it can’t be bad, did you hear the profit announcment from BP? Enough of that, what about Brand and Ross? What a fuss! Fine them and be done with it. Everyone knows what they…Continue reading News Headlines

Driving Development

Recently Daniel Brolund posted an idea around something he termed User Guide Driven Development, it’s an interesting read and, you know what, he’s almost right. Almost. First up you should note that Daniel works for the company that created the application he name drops in his post, Bumblebee. However his approach did ring a few…Continue reading Driving Development

Stop Writing Manuals

No-one reads the documentation anyway, so why do we persist in writing user guides, instruction manuals and all the other types of document-centric information silos that we all quietly loathe creating in the first place? Unless you have a contractual agreement to compile information into a document, it’s our job to figure out how best…Continue reading Stop Writing Manuals

Feeling Brave

OK OK, I’ll bite. Gentlemen of the audience. How do you hang clothes up to dry? Presuming you aren’t just leaving them in a sodden clump, and that you hang them over a line or a clothes horse… can there really be a WRONG way to hang clothes up to dry? The way I hang…Continue reading Feeling Brave

Let's Dance

Despite having been blogging for some years now, I still put myself under some weird pressure to post every day or so and as such I have developed a dance I like to call the “Start Stop two-step”. It’s quite simple and I’m sure many my fellow bloggers have mastered it already, but if you…Continue reading Let's Dance

Revision Control

Prompted by an excellent article – Subversion for writers – I thought it might be useful to offer a Windows view. Like most software groups, our development team use a version control system to manage multiple versions of the product; we have customers using many previous versions and all are maintained in the same system…Continue reading Revision Control

Ready or not

I have made the lists. I have checked the lists. The lists do not lie. I think I finally have a grip on … dammit … just remembered something else. OK, let’s start over. The coming few weeks will be hectic. The arrival and fitting of a new kitchen requires preparation, the erecting of a…Continue reading Ready or not