Fixing Me

I’m sitting at the dining table, the laptop in front of me with a view out of the back garden. I’m being dazzled as the in the sharp light of a crisp winter day bounces off the last of the snow. Ollie has been in a couple of times to check I’m ok, and to…Continue reading Fixing Me


I’ve still to find any good reason to visit Facebook more than once a month. It’s just never really grabbed me, largely because I have plenty of other places online where I can interact and all of them are far more subtle than the constant barrage of utter nonsense that the bulk of Facebook seems…Continue reading Facebooked

Small changes

Sometimes it’s the little things that add up to make something better. The realisation that I probably post to Twitter more than I should hit home recently. I use Twitter to update my Facebook status and, as a few work colleagues can see my Facebook profile, one of the jovial nitwits has created a special…Continue reading Small changes

Ye olde blog

OK, perhaps if I head back to some previous “unblocking” techniques I might be able to kick start my blogging mojo. Remember when Referrer Searches were all the rage? Back when we all suddenly discovered that our blogs were being indexed by something called “Google” (weird name…) and that meant we could see how people…Continue reading Ye olde blog


The scene is a small darkly lit room. On the desk sits a lamp and a computer screen glows. A man sits in front of the screen, staring intently. Lost in his thoughts… Bloody hell. Can’t be right. Can’t. Shit. It is. Where’s that list? No, the other one. OK, here we go. 1 of…Continue reading Sneaky