“I mean, look at him” “Who?” “That guy, with the tan jacket” “What about him?” “Well I know I’m not the most fashionable guy, but even I wouldn’t wear THAT” “What? A tan jacket??” “No, ohh can’t you see from there? Ahhh wait a minute, wait until that woman moves the buggy… wait…” “OH MY…Continue reading Fashion


The online status of is currently changing faster than superman in a phone booth. One minute it’s up, next minute it’s down. I wouldn’t mind but I can’t get the built in “blogrolling-esque” WordPress stuff to work properly (it won’t show when I site has been updated), and considering Bloglines was down for a…Continue reading Annoyances

Thank fuck it's…

…Friday. OH NO, it’s Friday the 13th!! (cue scary music…) Bit of an odd week. Up and down. Busy on all fronts but only progressing a few. All summed up last night when my Mum phoned and asked what we’d been up to… I was stumped. Essentially we’ve ‘done’ nothing all week. No cinema, nowt.…Continue reading Thank fuck it's…

Stereo phonical

It had better be good, it had better deliver the goods, and live up to all the hype, and hype there will be, not to mention expectation… OH the expectation.. What am I wittering on about? The new Stereo MC’s album – Deep Down and Dirty (nice title). I’m jigging up and down in my…Continue reading Stereo phonical