Google stores the pastInteresting article which wasn’t about what I thought it would be. Tracks through the history of Google, from conception to what it is today.. and that is the crux of the matter. Yes it is a search engine, but it is so much more now. When was the last time you googled…Continue reading

Gangs of New York

Gangs of New York Well audiences seem split on this one. Grand scale story telling, occasionally mis-jointed but I enjoyed it. Daniel Day-Lewis hammed up Bill the Butcher but not so much that it wasn’t believable, the rest of cast were good, although no-one else really stood out. I DID expect more from Scorcese, but…Continue reading Gangs of New York

Gangs of New YorkWow. I wasn’t too sure what to expect as I’d managed to stay away from most of the hype surrounding this film, but consider me impressed. An epic scale film, well directed, well acted (WHY doesn’t Daniel Day Lewis do more films?), some wonderful cinematography, and clever use of special effects. Not…Continue reading

Clickety-clickBought a shiny new keyboard with lots of bells and whistles on it. So if anything is awry over the next couple of days is because I’ve pushed a button and something has gone wrong! Survived yesterday. Company kickoff wasn’t too bad, the news wasn’t all doom and gloom and if the company is still…Continue reading

New York, New YorkIs a wonderful town..So for all you… New Yorkans? No, that’s not right.. is it? anyway.. if you are in New York (yes AnnMarie I’m talking to you) and happen to be bored one Sunday evening and think you’ll venture out to, say, the top of the Empire State Building, well take…Continue reading

September 11th

One year on. Over the days leading up to the first anniversary of this atrocity I’ve been talking to friends and family, trying to make sense of what transpired a year ago today. In a way this is my generation’s JFK assassination. The defining event where we will always remember where we were and what…Continue reading September 11th

Identity Cards

There has been much said about the current proposals for the introduction of identity cards in the UK. Personally I can see the pluses and the minuses and, in a simple ‘for and against’ argument, the ‘fors’ win. However life, as you are all well aware, is not black and white (and I refuse to…Continue reading Identity Cards

It's up to you

thelefrakwebsite. The wonder of the Internet. I have a friend who lived in New York. She used to work for Time magazine, and we shared an enjoyment of the Saw Doctors music. In the 4 or more years I’ve known her she’s been married, been made redundant, found a new job, visited Europe, and is…Continue reading It's up to you