Busy day ahead, so I’ll be brief. My Office Christmas party was on Saturday night. Drawing up at the main entrance, I was greeted with a red carpet, and gladly accepted a glass of fine champagne. I turned down the partridge and quail The meal was served in the atrium area of our office (the…Continue reading Weekender

idea 2007

If you are in New York City in early October, check out the idea2007 conference, which will highlight and discuss designing complex information spaces of all kinds. A limited entry pre-conference event kicks things off on the 3rd of October, and the conference proper is on October 4th and 5th. Throughout their days, people are…Continue reading idea 2007

The Office

Caught a glimpse of Martin Freeman on Parky on Saturday night. This was after watching “The Siege” the Denzel Washington, Annette Benning, Bruce Willis terrorist thriller that never got released (it’s all about terrorist attacks in New York, and was filmed pre-9/11) —it’s worth a watch actually, given the extra poignancy of some shots featuring…Continue reading The Office

Fool to myself

Regular readers will be bored silly of my repeated assertions of just How Busy I Am, and how I’ve been trying To Get More Organised. So, rather than harp on again, I’ll just preface any posts that may, or may not, appear this week with the disclaimer of I Am Busy. There, now I can…Continue reading Fool to myself

Work, rest and play

The weekend creeps into view. Slowly. Tomorrow we’re off to Dumbarton to catch up with family; talk about next years holiday with sister-in-law, see if my Mum’s voice has returned to normal, give my sister a big hug*,and find out how my brother-in-law enjoyed New York. Louise is out on Saturday night so I get…Continue reading Work, rest and play

So far

Yesterday, some shopping, The Terminal, and some quiet reflection centred on New York. Today, airport at 6am to wave off the in-laws (really just making sure they got on the plane). Home to tidy up and head out to Chatelherault for a car launch thing for the new Renault Modus. Keep those 100 Things questions…Continue reading So far

How will I get to New York?

In somewhat untimely news it seems that Concorde has been grounded for good. So how on earth will I get to New York and back at the weekend for a shopping spree? Typical. Now, if they could’ve hung off for a few days until AFTER my Lottery win….

Oscar ListJon points out that the The Oscar Nominations are up. I’m finding it hard to believe that Gangs of New York got 10. A good film but not Oscar material (especially not in the editing category!!) Whaddya think? Comments please!