Bloggers on the Radio

Listen to the show (requires Real Player). Very interesting, especially the first half, trying to put faces (sites) to the voices. Well done to Margaret for pulling the whole thing together, and to everyone involved. It is a little odd though, remembering reading some of the posts and my interpretation of them and then balancing…Continue reading Bloggers on the Radio


My name is Gordon McLean, and I am a ‘net pirate’. OK, so I’m not the person that wrote the article. I’m lying. Sorry. However, the main point of the article is true. Personally, despite having access to more tracks than I could ever hope to listen to in my life time, I STILL buy…Continue reading Kazaa!!

Soon to be announced

Details are coming to light about more government schemes to follow on from the recently announced course to help people learn how to send text messages. The courses are aimed at the same sector of people and cover a range of diverse topics. Exact details have yet to be confirmed but the following a rumoured…Continue reading Soon to be announced

PDF files(Titled stolen shamelessly) A valid point, well made over at insubstantial. I couldn’t believe it when I hear that Dick and J are trying to get that Tatu video banned. It’s been on MTV for at LEAST two months now, possibly three, so they are a bit late… reactionary control never works (obviously).

MTV 2 improvingThe playlist over the last hour or so… a bit better, but still pretty ‘safe’…Beck – New PollutionRadiohead – Karma PoliceOasis – Some might sayThe Strokes – Last nightQueens of the Stone Age – No one knowsMuse – New bornIdlewild – Live in a hiding place Mind you, it’s back round to the…Continue reading