Smarty Pants

I wanted to mark today, specifically to mention here so I don’t forget it. My memory is lousy and no matter what the future may hold, I want to mark down today as a day I was inspired. My sister-in-law graduated today and now holds a degree in Dietetics. I’m not quite sure what letters…Continue reading Smarty Pants

You can quote me

Remember when I mentioned a friend’s MBA, well he asked me to proof read his dissertation. I’ve just finished it and I’m jolly impressed. Turns out he’s quite smart after all! (you’d never tell from looking at him). I’m kidding of course, he’s possibly one of the smartest people I know. Anyhoo*, I did pause…Continue reading You can quote me


So a friend/work colleague is doing his MBA. Part of it requires a look at corporate culture. He sent round a short questionnaire to some people, including me, and we got together today to discuss it. I was quite amazed, if I’m honest, that we all said similar things, and after about 30 minutes we…Continue reading MBA