He said

Whilst I was waiting for 24 to start last night, well whilst I was waiting to watch it in ‘chase’ mode, I did a little channel surfing stopping at some red carpet footage from the Oscars. Admittedly it was merely to see if I could catch some of the more beautiful ladies in their best…Continue reading He said


So the nice lady at Sky informed that they were currently working on a software upgrade but alas she couldn’t give me a timescale for when it would be released. It’s currently being tested. Ohh I’m sorry, how rude of me, let me recap a previous post to aid your clarification. [RECAP] Sky+ screwed up…Continue reading Sky+

Smoking is cool*

Today the Scottish Parliament decides on whether to introduce a smoking ban and what level that ban will be. Me? I’m hoping that it’ll outlaw the damn things altogether. Ohh and anyone who thinks this is a democratic decision is sadly mistaken. The real reason behind this decision won’t be health, and it won’t be…Continue reading Smoking is cool*


Just spotted that the BBC will be showing Concorde’s last ever arrival at Heathrow (or anywhere else) on the goggle-box today at 3:30pm. And as I’m working at home I can plonk myself in front of the TV, with my wirelessly connected laptop and watch history. (I KNEW there was a reason I needed that…Continue reading Zoom

Not Plaster

So. When you are playing basketball, no-one is near you and you take a step forward and hear a crunching noise from your foot, accompanied with a sharp pain… that’s not good is it? You don’t need to answer, the doctor has already confirmed that I’ve broken the fifth metatarsal in my left foot and…Continue reading Not Plaster


Ohhh almost forgot. Cows are scary. I was driving back from the skip yesterday morning, and on rounding the bend came across 3 cows wandering along the road. Another car came from the other direction, and the cows turned round and started trotting towards my car. Straight at it. Now trust me, cows are quite…Continue reading Moo