Am I back?

Or is I front? Looks like a small blip on the server this morning, so if you were rendered aghast at the rather unsightly WordPress error page you received this morning (must do something about that), fear not. I is still here. Prostitutes are in the news, and for all the wrong reasons. In saying…Continue reading Am I back?

Kit-Kat Kate

Kate is meeting her husband to go shopping, as she’s early she decides to go for a cup of coffee. At the counter she hums and haws over the cakes but ends up picking a two-finger Kit-Kat to have with her coffee. As she turns away from the checkout she realises that there aren’t many…Continue reading Kit-Kat Kate


Back to work today, even the weather has come out in sympathy. I know it’s only Wednesday and I’m trying NOT to focus on the weekend already, honest, but sometimes you get a sign and wonder why you bother fighting it. On Saturday we’re at our first BBQ of the year. This is becoming somewhat…Continue reading Odecohol

Melancholy MondayCan’t seem to get going today at all. Feeling melancholic. So what seems to be the problem?Well Doctor I just feel apathetic and listless and, well, I just want to wallow in self-pity for a while, maybe sit in a darkened room for the rest of the day.Ahhh, you seem to be melancholic. I…Continue reading


Note to self: Don’t visit mybluehouse just after your mid-morning snack. The sight of regurgitated Kit-Kat isn’t nice.