Coming up

I’ve received some nice compliments, both in the comments and via email, about my God of Morning post. I was quite chuffed with it when I published, so it’s nice that others appreciate it. Thanks to all for your generous words. I knew there was a reason I enjoyed this funny little hobby of ours.…Continue reading Coming up


Why didn’t someone say! (ohh someone did). It’s Friday the 13th, people. Avoid ladders, salt, mirrors, cats of dark hues and cracks in the pavement. If you are reading this from your house GO BACK TO BED. If you are reading this in bed don’t rub it in, ya lazy bugger… Anyway, if you want…Continue reading Calendar

Thank… goodness..

It’s Friday. Bit of an odd week. All that commotion in the Commons managing to deflect from Tony’s playground answering tactics – where you respond to the current question with the answer from the previous question. The annoying ‘campaign’ by BBC Breakfast: “How British are you?”. English? British? All the same surely? Then Batman, dissertations,…Continue reading Thank… goodness..


It’s Friday, it’s 5 o’clock, what other excuse do you need? Well for us it’s the imminent departure of a colleague to the sunshine land of Australia. All the best Laura. Yes, I’ll repeat this when you officially finish on Tuesday (cocktails that night?) and of course on the 21st at your official leaving do……Continue reading PUB TIME

One of us

This’ll be brief. It’s Friday, you’ve got better places to waste your time and I’ve got no time to waste. Likely I’ll be working this weekend. Mis-communication at it’s worst. Ho fuckin hum. Finished reading Michael Marshall Smith’s One of Use. Very good. If a tad odd towards the end. Don’t want to say anything…Continue reading One of us

Nowt to say

It’s Friday. I’ve got a doctor’s appointment just to make sure the mole on my back isn’t an alien and is, in fact, a mole, and loads to do. The Blogathon starts tomorrow, so I’m taking the ‘day’ off from blogging here (and I’m hoping that last night’s headache and nausea were a one off).…Continue reading Nowt to say