For the Fallen

There is little else to mention here today as everything else pales into insignificance. Draft posts have me pondering the moaners of the world and listing pet peeves, all of which seems so petty. Remembrance Sunday seems old-fashioned and trite at times but fundamentally it is worth taking time not to remember but to consider.…Continue reading For the Fallen

Gotta laugh

Role of the blog is a fun little article by the BBC News website. I’ll pull out a few quotes and let you all have a little giggle, shall I? In their eyes, those bloggers at the US political conventions ceased to be bloggers the moment they accepted their accreditation. … “What began as a…Continue reading Gotta laugh


Warning: this post will NOT induce a cheery happy persona. So, Bush has made his address and assured people that “as Germany and Japan can attest, we are liberators”. Nice touch there. Then you read that the U.S. is Planting WMDs in Iraq, and that gets you wondering. Then you are sent a link, from…Continue reading Confused

Cultural gestures

As ever, the BBC News website realises that it is not just it’s job to tell the news but to make sure people understand what is going on. Recent pictures from Iraq have shown the men taking to the streets, beating their chests, holding up clay discs and hitting pictures of Saddam with their shoes.…Continue reading Cultural gestures

Catching up

The return of Superstars – Whatever happened to Brian Jacks? BT get a new logo Blogging Brits gets some publicity. And lots of stuff about Iraq, John Simpson etc etc… Right that’s the ‘news’ outta the way… on with the blogs!

WarYes I know the war in Iraq has started.No I don’t really want to talk about it on here. There are many thousands of other blogs that will/are doing that. I will mention it in passing no doubt but I am steering clear. Mainly because I don’t know who to believe or trust, and ultimately…Continue reading

WarWith the headlines currently dominated by the, seemingly imminent, war against Iraq, it may do us all good to pause today and remember the horrors that have past. Holocaust Memorial Day 2003 – Children and the Holocaust.