Over the past few months I’ve become much better at backing up the important stuff on my PC. Largely this is photos, music, any ripped DVDs and important House documents, license files and so on. So, if my PC dies a death then at least I’ve got the important stuff backed up. The rest, the…Continue reading Backup

Getting Organised

Bookmarks dotted about all over the place. A account that rarely gets used. Various clever Firefox extensions. My miniblog. My custom start page. My blogroll(s). Bloglines. The sites I “use”, the sites I visit, the useful sites, the information sites, so many sites, so much information and so many ways of filtering and accessing…Continue reading Getting Organised

Constantly Diverse

Prompted by this discussion about typography on the web and having been working through the archives here (still to finish) I’ve come to a ground breaking, earth shattering conclusion. No, seriously… If you are interested in my take on web design issues, read on. If not… er… come back later (but DO come back!).


The timesheet application we use at work has a web based front end. Unfortunately it only works properly in (you guessed it!) Internet Explorer. So last night, as I’d done a wee bit of work when I got home, I fired up IE and what did I find? It had been hijacked (browser hijacking is…Continue reading Hijacked

Igniting the Web

UPDATE: All of the extensions have been checked and are compatible with Firefox 1.0. Thanks to Adrian and Thom for some additional suggestions. I’ve recently introduced a couple of people to the Firefox browser. I have to admit to getting quite a buzz watching their faces light up as you show them the basic features…Continue reading Igniting the Web

Internet Explorer 6.0Hmmm. OK BEFORE you flame me for using IE.. ehhh… hang on and I’ll find a good reason… hmmm better than Mozilla ? *ducks* Anyhoo, if you have the aforementioned browser, have you spotted this little feature? With a browser window open so you can view the status bar (the bit bottom left…Continue reading