(Don't) Call me

I need some advice. I want either cheaper TV, Broadband and Telephone calls, how do I get them? Actually that’s a lie, I only really want cheaper telephone calls. Currently we have contracts with both Sky and Virgin Media. We have Sky for our TV viewing and we take all the movies and sports channels,…Continue reading (Don't) Call me


What we really owe Big Brother. The scarce commodity in our society is not privacy but meaningful recognition. That is why people put weblogs on the internet, exposing themselves for peer review by a trusted community of co-bloggers. So, finally, an explanation as to why we all do it (this thing called blog). Except it’s…Continue reading TBD


Privacy International Media Release about the Snoopers Charter. The what? you ask. Well whilst the government was keeping us all occupied with the ID Card proposal, it was pushing a new law through the House of Lords. This law will allow “The data — relating to who you phoned, who phoned you, mobile phone location,…Continue reading Snoopy

Identity Cards

There has been much said about the current proposals for the introduction of identity cards in the UK. Personally I can see the pluses and the minuses and, in a simple ‘for and against’ argument, the ‘fors’ win. However life, as you are all well aware, is not black and white (and I refuse to…Continue reading Identity Cards