My name is important

If you get a moment go check out or for that matter I own neither unfortunately. Both are high-level domains, both are classed as desirable (read, expensive) and both are currently being used… for nothing. Well I’m sure they bring in money for the person who owns them and has them sitting their…Continue reading My name is important


In between showers we got a little more gardening done and cleaned out the garage. Relocated around 20 spiders but couldn’t find where ‘the biggest spider in the world’* disappeared to between trips to the skip. I’m hoping he won’t mug me later on for disposing of his buddies. Also disposed of a dead mouse.…Continue reading Showery

Nosy Neighbour

There should be a law against it. Strike that, there should be a law FOR it. Yesterday around lunchtime our neighbour started clumping and thumping about. This was followed swiftly by the unmistakable sound of an electric drill, followed by a long session with a hammer. From the length of time and frequency of hammering,…Continue reading Nosy Neighbour

Out of touch

Dammit, Vaughan keeps making me think… (actually it wasTinka). We live in an age of instant communications. Why write a letter when you can email someone and receive a response in hours rather than days (depending on the person of course). Want the latest news? Check out your constantly streaming ticker app, hey, it even…Continue reading Out of touch