CSS for layout

… and why you should use it. Separating content from structure and style is a common theory, widely accepted to those of us either using or investigating single source solutions for our documentation. The same theory has been applied to web development and offers similar benefits. CSS-based web design developed in parallel with the growing…Continue reading CSS for layout

On New

I’d forgotten how odd it was to be the ‘new guy’, how much information we all take for granted, and how much we presume others know. As such, I’m trying to keep a note of things that I wanted/needed to know, and also to try and embellish what exists in the hope that other new…Continue reading On New


Just got my first “phishing” email which alleges to have come from PayPal. It doesn’t. The subject line reads: Your account will be suspended! It reads: Dear Paypal User, In accordance with our major database relocation, we are currently having major adjustments and updates of user accounts to verify that the informations you have provided…Continue reading Careful

Constantly Diverse

Prompted by this discussion about typography on the web and having been working through the archives here (still to finish) I’ve come to a ground breaking, earth shattering conclusion. No, seriously… If you are interested in my take on web design issues, read on. If not… er… come back later (but DO come back!).


Right, I’m pretty sure one of you clever types will be able to point me in the direction of a solution, preferably PHP or Javascript based. What I’m trying to do is treat an image, and an associated block of HTML (text) as one block. I’d like to be able to swap blocks depending on…Continue reading PoshPaws


A while back (a long while back) when I first discovered tabbed browsing, I moaned that it was affecting the way I used my PC. I have my tabs setup to close when I click on the scroll wheel of my mouse, unfortunately you can’t do the same for applications displayed in Windows taskbar. Anyway…Continue reading Transference

Gladly? Why!

I mentioned a while back that I’d been invited to become a moderator on the Haloscan forum. I’m pretty comfortable with HTML, CSS, Javascript and the way the commenting system works, so I thought it would be a good chance to ‘give back’. But I forgot that people are morons. No not everyone, and I…Continue reading Gladly? Why!