Popped into our local Lidl the other night – I always find the food tastier, it seems to be made for the ‘continental palate’? – to pick up some basics, tuna, juice, cold meat, milk, mayonnaise and so on. The shop was pretty quiet so we were the only people at the till as we…Continue reading OINK

Start Over

Right, where were we? Ohh yes, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is still reverberating and is proving surprisingly long in the tooth. Bombarded by images both from the media and from “real people” via internet, we watch and absorb and wonder if we are the only ones who can see the political spinmeisters hard at…Continue reading Start Over


For the record, and regardless of what you may have heard or read anywhere else, the music used in the current HP advert is a Status Quo track by the name of “Pictures of Matchstick Men”. It was released on the 5th January 1968 and was the first single to be issued by “Status Quo”…Continue reading Lowry

Free iPAQ?OK, admittedly against the backdrop of the “war that no-one wants” this is kinda trivial… but… Amazon accepted my order of £23 for a top of the range HP iPAQ H5450 Pocket PC (valued at around £500), but now it looks like they won’t pay and, legally they probably don’t have to. So I’m…Continue reading